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Konstantin Ronkin, DMD, LVIF, MICCMO – is one of the founders and the president of The Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry as well as its two clinics in Boston and in Moscow. He is also the president of the Russian section of The College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics (ICCMO).

  • His main professional interests include research and development of advanced dental technologies both in Russia and the USA, the introduction of new concepts and techniques onto the Russian market which have been widely used and have proven their efficacy all over the world.
  • He specializes in neuromuscular dentistry, aesthetic reconstructive dentistry, TMJ treatment and sleep apnea, implantology and orthodontic treatment. • He is the director of the fundamental and supplementary programs at the Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr. Ronkin regularly lectures at Russian and American professional conferences on the topics of aesthetic and functional dentistry.
  • He is the author of more than 50 research and practical articles published in American and Russian professional dental publications, as well as educational manuals and videos on neuromuscular and aesthetic dentistry for doctors and patients. The first animated software for neuromuscular dentistry in the USA and Russian was released with his input and participation.
  • Dr. Ronkin is the author of the first Russian educational guide in dental whitening, the second edition of which was released in 2011. He combines educational activities and practicing dentistry in both of his Boston and Moscow clinics as well as his institute in Moscow.

The Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) Fellow

Diploma in The Advanced Program of The Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies (LVI)

Diploma in Leadership development and top management training in The School of Management Experts (MGE)

Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Mini-residency training in TMJ and occlusal pathology in complex clinical case treatment in the Center For Occlusal Studies by Dr. Gerber.

International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics Fellowship and Mastership

Current President of the ICCMO Russian Section.

Fellow of the International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics.

Member of The Massachusetts Dental Society

Member of The American Dental Association


Dr. Ronkin combines his extensive continuing education with practice in both of his clinics:

The Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry (BIAD) in Moscow and Dream Smile Dental in Boston.

Dr. Ronkin's clinic in Boston is one of the most advanced and high-tech practices in the US. All the latest dental technologies that come to the dental market in the U.S. and prove their efficacy are implemented in the Clinic of The Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry (BIAD) in Moscow. That is why since the clinic's foundation in 2006 the most advanced technologies have been represented there, while many of those technologies had never existed in Russia before.

For instance, the technology "Invisalign" appeared for the first time in Russia in the Moscow BIAD clinic, Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners to treat crooked and spaced teeth.

His wealth of experience and effective results (During a 10 year period over 1,200 patients were effectively treated using this technique) brought Dr. Ronkin to an "Elite Status" awarded by Invisalign Inc.

Only thirteen doctors and three clinics in the world have this status. Dr. Ronkin is the only practicing specialist who holds this level in Russia. Dr. Ronkin's skills and educational background allow him to obtain optimal orthodontic results with Invisalign even in complicated cases where only braces could help before.

The BIAD Moscow clinic was also the first in Russia to offer neuromuscular diagnosis using the K-7 evaluation system for TMJ, occlusion and sleep apnea treatment.

This approach fundamentally changed treatment results: BIAD doctors, led by Dr. Ronkin, were excited to not only treat their patients' dental problems, but also to improve their quality of life.

Furthermore, digital impression technologies were first introduced to Russia at The BIAD clinic. Digital scans replaced putty impressions, and now a computer creates a 3D-model of the teeth which is then sent to a laboratory which creates physical models of the teeth. These physical models are used to fabricate the porcelain restoration. The technology ensures very high accuracy and quality as well as allows BIAD in Moscow to work with a world renowned Canadian-American Laboratory: Aurum Ceramic, which produces all of their restorations in Canada and the US.

Словами пациентов Константина Ронкина

Sharon Peters

"All of my life, the financial needs of my children and my business took precedence over my own personal desires. One of these was to improve the appearance of my smile. Once my children were grown and my business had sold, I decided that it was time to do something special just for me.

Over the years, my teeth became worn from grinding during my sleep and I had developed periodontal disease. I began to research my options with dentists who could aesthetically enhance my smile while addressing the dental health issues that had affected my teeth and gums. This led me to the office of Dream Smile Dental and Dr. Ronkin.

During the initial phase of my treatment, my periodontal condition was addressed through a deep-cleaning procedure. Next, a computerized diagnostic test determined that my night grinding condition was caused by an unbalanced bite. Treatments began using a neuromuscular TENS unit to relax the muscles in my jaw and give the upper and lower arches of my teeth the chance to reposition to a corrected bite. During this time, I wore and orthotic device that helped maintain the proper bite and assist in opening it to an optimum position.

Once my bite was stabilized to its corrected position, 20 porcelain veneers were placed on both the upper and lower front teeth. This phase of the treatment plan was completed in only two office visits. My dental health and the appearance of my smile changed dramatically in only eight weeks. This is by far the best gift that I have ever given to me!"

Suzanne Lee

"Chronic jaw pain led me to Dream Smile Dental and Dr. Ronkin. The pain was so intense that it had become the focus of my daily life. Dr. Ronkin performed computerized diagnostic tests that helped him determine the source of my pain, an unbalanced bite. Part of my problem was that my upper teeth were small and did not meet my lower teeth.

Neuromuscular treatments with a tensing unit relaxed the muscles in my jaw and gave my jaw the ability to reposition to a bite that was balanced. I wore an orthotic device inside my mouth to maintain the balanced position of my bite and stabilize the jaw muscles. This also relieved the daily pain I had been experiencing.

Within less than a month, Dr. Ronkin was able to correct my bite by restoring my upper teeth and allowing them to meet my lower teeth. My front teeth were restored with porcelain veneers. The change in their appearance was dramatic. My lower teeth were then straightened with Invisalign braces, giving me a beautiful, pain-free smile.

In my youth, my teeth did not remain straight even with braces. I had always envied those with a beautiful smile. Now my search to become pain and headache-free has led me to a beautiful white smile with straight teeth!"

Ионика Брито (Бостон)

"I had no reservation what so ever. I was confident enough that my expectations would be met because of my positive experience with Dr. Ronkin. Honestly, when I first sat with Dr. Ronkin, my one and only fear was if it was going to be all worth it.

I would definitely recommend Dream Smile to others. I have told many of my friends and continue to tell people about the amazing job that you guys do.

I am so happy! It's hard to believe the difference that a confident smile can make in the way that one interacts with others.

Just yesterday, I remembered stopping for a second to talk with a friend at the gym and when I smiled, my fist instinct was to cover my teeth with my hands like I used to do before. I instantly remembered that I don't have the same smile as I used to. Dr. Ronkin and his staff have changed my smile and turned me into a more confident individual. When I smile now, people look at my teeth and give me compliments.

It's amazing how much a little bit of my savings and a great dentist like Dr. Ronkin and his staff can do to change your life. Thank you for everything! You guys are the best!"

I Found A Cure For TMJ

I have suffered from TMJ for my entire life.

If you don't know what that is - count yourself as one of the lucky ones.

TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Joint - which is the joint that connects your lower jaw to your skull. The joint is right in front of your ear on each side of your head. As far as joints go, this one is pretty darn important because it allows your jaw to move up and down, side to side and allows you to talk, chew, yawn, sing, kiss; basically anything you do with your mouth utilizes the TMJ.

So here's where the problem comes in. You can easily torque that little joint and cause yourself all kinds of health headaches, literally. So how do you torque your TMJ? A lot of ways:

Grinding your teeth.
Clenching your teeth.
Dislocating the disc on your jaw joint.
Off-balance bite

I basically suffer from the triple whammy of grinding my teeth at night, clenching my jaw and stress. When you have TMJ you feel pain in your face, your jaw, your neck and shoulders, in and around your ear. You can't open your mouth very wide without a ton of pain. Your jaw can even get "stuck" in a position - which is down right scary. It's like your joint just pops out of place. And then, there's the clicking, popping, grating, snapping sound that your face makes when you chew. There's a whole long list of other things you can feel, but luckily I cured mine before he hearing problems, dizziness and tooth aches happened.

I've suffered from TMJ from the age of 21 until 45. I was first diagnosed when I had my wisdom teeth removed. The dentist promptly made me a mouth guard and told me I had to sleep with it ever night to prevent myself from grinding my teeth while I was sleeping. That was the first of about a dozen "bite guards" I've been fitted for over the years. The process was always the same: the dentist would take an impression of my teeth with some type of putty. I'd come back two weeks later and have the device inserted in my mouth.

By the time I hit 30, another doctor told me I should consider surgery because I had developed Arthritis in the joint. So I had arthroscopic surgery on the TMJ to smooth out some of the tears and make the joint work better. That doctor also gave me a new, bite guard.

And so the saga goes. Within a year, I was full of pain in the TMJ again. I decided that the pops, clicks and pain in my jaw were just something I would have to live with; that is, until I met the dentists at Dream Smile Dental.

No joke, he's cured my TMJ. He may not be able to say that legally, but I can. That's how I feel. I feel that I've been cured.

The dentists at Dream Smile practice Neuromuscular Dentistry and use modern technology to assess your teeth, muscles and joints to figure out a natural balanced position of your jaw and restore it to its optimal, pain-free position. They use a computer-assisted evaluation system to measure your jaw and neck muscle movement. What's that mean? Basically you relax in a chair, while the dentists use electrical muscle stimulation machines to relax your muscles. If you've ever been to physical therapy, you've likely experienced this therapy - of putting discs on your body and having a small pulse of electrical stimulation sent to the muscle that's injured. After about an hour, your face, neck, back and shoulders are completely relaxed and now using the computer imaging, they can determine the natural, balanced and optimal position that your jaw should rest at. Once they have your ideal jaw position, now they can make a bite guard that works. It works because when you put it in, your jaw is immediately moved into its optimal resting position.

I cannot tell you just how magical this experience has been. Putting my Dream Smile Dental-made bite guard in causes my face to immediately relax. The joint just melts knowing it doesn't have to work so hard any more. The headaches, crunching, clicking, popping and pain are gone.

After 24 years of suffering, I can say that those TMJ days are behind me thanks to Dream Smile Dental.


As the founder of the Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry in Moscow and Boston, Dr. Ronkin combines his extensive continuing education with practice on both continents.

He is the director of the fundamental and supplementary programs at the Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry, and regularly lectures and conducts practical trainings on functional occlusion, diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorders, sleep apnea, neuromuscular dentistry and dental business management.

Click Here to get more information on Dr. Ronkin's most recent lectures.

Dr. Ronkin was the first to introduce neuromuscular dentistry and dental whitening to Russia, which by now has gained tremendous popularity.

Neuromuscular Dentistry

The concept of neuromuscular dentistry appeared in US in the 1970's. , In the beginning of the 21stcentury the concept started to develop rapidly worldwide, since the progress of technology made it available to practicing dentists.

Therefore, in the year 2000, the neuromuscular concept became the main theoretical and practical concept at the Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry.

Opening the Moscow branch of The Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry in 2006 enabled Russian dentists to become acquainted with this concept for the first time. It all started when Dr. Ronkin first started taking courses at the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) in the late 1990s.

«Participation in various dental conferences and seminars all over the United States completely changed our understanding of dentistry as we knew it. We saw a completely different world where dentistry was considered a comprehensive method of treatment for various conditions, rather than just drilling and filling cavities.

When you realize that an incorrectly placed filling can cause headaches for the rest of someone's life, it fundamentally changes your view of the profession.

Before exploring neuromuscular dentistry none of the traditional theories of occlusion allowed me to find the exact position of the mandible, treat problems associated with TMJ disorders and sleep apnea and be sure that the bite created while performing restorative work or orthodontic treatment could guarantee the durability of the restorations or an optimal orthodontic result".

Office Whitening in Russia

Dr. Ronkin and his business partner Evetta Shwartzman have become the pioneers of laser teeth whitening being the first in New England to offer in-office teeth whitening. In 1995 they opened the first Center of Laser Teeth Whitening in New England, and then the first Britesmile Teeth Whitening center in Boston on Newbury Street.

Later, after using the Luma Cool Whitening system successfully and being sure that teeth whitening can be effective for almost any patient without harming the teeth, Konstantin Ronkin with his partner, Dr. Andrew Mazo, presented the LumaCool in-office whitening technology to Russian Dentists for the first time.

Today practically every dental office offers teeth whitening and teeth whitening is always in demand. Particularly the Luma Cool technology, introduced to the market by the Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry, is widely used in Russia and the former soviet countries.

The lack of structured educational and scientific literature on teeth whitening in the Russian language motivated Dr. Ronkin to write a book that would reflect a whole range of information on teeth whitening, including methods, techniques, various technologies, recommendations, application and marketing.

The Modern Methods of Teeth Whitening was published in 2002 and immediately became a bestseller, its second edition, revised and expanded with new information has been recently published as well.


The smile of fortune
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"The at sign ru".
"A dentist can prolong man's life". The President of Boston Institute of Aesthetic Medicine Doctor Konstantin Ronkin, DMD,LVIF,MICCMO,FIACA, announced when his new clinic in Saint Petersburg will open its doors and what to expect from the opening of a exceptional medical center.

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Technologies in medicine and dentistry are not standing still. Today we live in a fast paced tempo, and we want to make things happen "yesterday."

Now it's here! News from Konstantin Ronkin, DMD, LVIF, MICCMO. President of the Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry.

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Our expert Dr. Konstantin Ronkin, DMD, LVIF, MICCMO, President of the Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry, and founder of two clinics - both Moscow and Boston will comment on the subject of regular hygiene.

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Beautiful teeth are a key component of an attractive appearance, like a good complexion or correct posture. Fortunately, today smile is completely in our hands.

Our expert is Dr. Konstantin Ronkin, DMD, LVIF, MICCMO, President of the Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry will comment on the subject of aesthetic dentistry.

Interview with Konstantin Ronkin: Invisalign
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Принципиальное отличие технологии Инвизилайн состоит в том, что данный метод ортодонтического лечения позволяет исправить прикус незаметно для окружающих.

The secret of a Hollywood Smile
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Сделать улыбку ослепительной, а самочувствие – прекрасным, сегодня наиболее эффективно помогает нейромышечная стоматология. Ведь многие проблемы со здоровьем – изматывающие головные боли, боли в мышцах шеи, искривление позвоночника, бруксизм – могут быть связаны именно с неправильным прикусом. О преимуществах этого быстро развивающегося направления в Америке рассказывает президент Бостонского Института Эстетической Стоматологии Константин Ронкин.

Konstantin Ronkin: We Make People Happy
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Президент Бостонского Института Эстетической Константин Ронкин все время подчеркивает: “Стоматология‚ которой мы занимаемся‚ больше относится к общему состоянию человека‚ помогает вернуть здоровье и красоту‚ продлить молодость.


"The best 10 dentists in Moscow"
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Dr. Konstantin Ronkin made a fantastic career in the USA and continues treating patients in Moscow. The last twenty years, among the other things, he devoted to the TMD treatment.

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The most beautiful grandma in the world!
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Grandma, please, smile again!

Comments by Dr. Konstantin Ronkin, DMD, LVIF, MICCMO, President of the Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry.

Club of a Railroad Hobbiest
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Детская игра может превратиться в дело всей жизни. Главное – выбирать правильную дорогу и никогда не останавливаться на достигнутом, убедился Олег Краснов, беседуя с доктором Константином Ронкиным.

Sleep Apnea: Why is it Dangerous?
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Ночное апноэ – это не просто банальный храп. Эта проблема провоцирует серьезные заболевания. Как помогает справиться с ночным апноэ современная стоматология? На этот и другие вопросы отвечает президент Бостонского Института Эстетической Стоматологии, доктор Константин Ронкин.

Our Health: What's New?
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В последнее время о полезности вина было написано несколько сотен научных статей.

Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry
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Headaches? Check your Bite
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Хроническая головная боль, ухудшение зрения, остеохондроз, шум в ушах – оказывается, всё это и множество других неприятностей связаны с банальным нарушением прикуса.

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Президент Бостонского Института Эстетической Стоматологии (сейчас его филиал открыт в Москве) no anti-age терапии в стоматологии Константин Ронкин уверен: поставив челюсть на место, можно не только изменить архитектонику лица, но и скинуть пару десятков лет.

The Right to Smile
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Президент Бостонского Института Эстетической Стоматологии, Константин Ронкин, подчеркивает: «Стоматология, которой мы занимаемся, больше относится к общему состоянию человека, помогает вернуть здоровье и красоту, продлевает жизнь. Когда пациент после лечения первый раз за десять лет засыпает без головных болей или получает улыбку, о которой мечтал всю жизнь... Это важно».

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Миф: Самые передовые методики омолаживания приходят из США
Миф: Приподнять уголки губ без контурной пластики или хирургического вмешательства нельзя
Миф: Если каждый день массировать намечающийся двойной подбородок, кожа подтянется
Миф: Некоторые аппаратные процедуры для шеи и зоны декольте вредят щитовидке

American Dental Practice
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Основные принципы нейромышечной стоматологии были сформулированы еще в 50-е годы в США.

High Technologies guarding your Smile
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Сегодня в стоматологии возможно то, о чем вчера мы и не думали. Утром вы в кресле врача в Москве, а вечером модели Ваших зубов обсуждают лучшие специалисты Америки, подбирая оптимальное решение стоматологической проблемы. А современная диагностика проблем прикуса позволяет доктору не только выровнять зубы, но и избавить Вас от головной боли. Мечты? Сегодня это реальность!

Professionalism is our rule
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Константин Ронкин, DMD, и Иветта Шварцман, DMD, вот уже на протяжении двух десятков лет специализируются в области эстетической стоматологии.

They looked at me through the mirror "Jaws" From the Bond "Movie Moonraker"
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Доктор Прописал

Transparent Technology
Beauty & Health
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Константин Ронкин, президент Бостонского Института Эстетической Стоматологии, рассказывает о новой технологии ортодонтического лечения Инвизалайн, которая позволяет исправлять прикус в любом возрасте незаметно для окружающих.

Implants: Worth It
Beauty & Health
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Сегодня уже никто не сомневается в преимуществе зубных имплантов перед зубными протезами. От принятия положительного решения в пользу первых нас останавливает только одно существует мнение, что импланты часто не приживаются. В клинике Бостонского Института Эстетической Стоматологии подобное практически не случается. Почему? Рассказывает президент Института, доктор Константин Ронкин.

What you need to know about Implants
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Действительно ли импланты часто не приживаются?

Muscle Training
Tatler Promotion
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Нейромышечная стоматология лечит мигрень и боли в суставах. Не верится? Но это правда.

How to Survive in Economic Crisis
Business Technologies
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Нестабильная экономика отнюдь не означает, что стоматологическая практика должна быть такой же

One of the significant differences of the Boston Institute of Aesthetic Dentistry clinic from other dental clinics is that our experts not only consider the oral health of the patient, but also the overall health.

We do everything possible to help people live a long, healthy, and happy life!

You can make an appointment with Dr. Ronkin ...